Class 1 :Pretty Faces
Sponsored By:Cariad Browbands
- Lets see all those pretty equine faces
Class 2 :Cobs Can Do Anything
Sponsored By:L R Leisure
- We would love to see all your hairies jumping/showing/hacking /dressage , basically anything
Class 3 :Condition & Turnout Inhand Photos
Sponsored By: Kate Spratt Equine Art
- This class is for Best Condition horses and ponies inhand also judged on turnout
Class 4 :Best Pony
Sponsored By: Sam & Cappuccino
- Lets see all your pretty ponies
Class 5 : Best Horse
Sponsored By: Time To Shine Equine
- Lets see all your Handsome Horses
Class 7 :Best Jump
Sponsored By: Meg Anne Hicks
- Open to all types of jumping pics
Class 10: Memorable Moments
Sponsored By : Crystal Clear Designz
- Special Memories class , can be from your first horse/pony , first show , or just a lovely ride
Class 11 : M & M Excluding Welsh />Sponsored By: - Open to all other M +M Breeds other than welsh breeds to include parts
Class 12 : M+M Welsh Breeds
Sponsored By :
- A Class just for welsh breeds to include parts
Class 13/14 : 2 Championship s
Sponsored By : Sam D
- All 1st & 2nd winners will go into our end of show championship, where a champion , reserve champion and […]